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Banking Made Simple & Easy

OlyFed’s Community Checking is designed to be an affordable transaction account to meet the needs of individuals who haven’t worked with a traditional financial institution in the past or who are looking to reestablish their credit and economic health and well-being. Community Checking comes with financial education support to help build savings, assets and credit.

Utilizing our vast network of local social service providers, individuals need a referral from one of our more than 40 approved nonprofit partners to open an account, so that we can help set customized goals and strategies for achieving your unique financial objectives.

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Many Great Features & Resources

Checking Account Community Checking
Minimum Balance to Open
Minimum Balance to Open $1
Monthly Service Fee
Monthly Service Fee $0
Telephone Banking
Telephone Banking Free
Digital Banking*
Digital Banking* Free
Bill Pay
Bill Pay Free
Personal Finance Management
Personal Finance Management Free
eStatements Free
Credit Monitoring & Reports
Credit Monitoring & Reports Free
Debit Card Control
Debit Card Control Free
Financial Education Classes
Financial Education Classes Free
Notary Service
Notary Service Free
Confidential Document Shredding
Confidential Document Shredding Free
Money Orders & Bank Checks
Money Orders & Bank Checks Free
Surcharge Free ATM w/ Visa Debit Card
Surcharge Free ATM w/ Visa Debit Card Access to 33,000+ surcharge free ATMs nationwide through the MoneyPass Network
Alternative Identification Accepted
Alternative Identification Accepted Matricula Consular Card (Primary), ITIN (Secondary) and Nonprofit Referral (Secondary)
Domestic & International Wires**
Domestic & International Wires** See schedule of account fees
Personal Checks
Personal Checks Not available

*All accounts offer our full suite of digital banking services including Bill Pay, Digital Wallet, Transfers and more.
**Current Schedule of Account Fees 



Banking Built Better

Mom with child on computerWe believe banking should be simple, elegant, and dare we say enjoyable. We believe in keeping the fine print and fees to a minimum and creating transformational relationships built on trust, not transactional ones based on maximizing profits. Our people are incentivized to serve, not sell, and our products are crafted to do the same thing.

To us, you’re more than the balance of your bank account: Guided by our “Better Fedder” training and a compassionate and caring attitude, we nurture relationships to help you define and achieve your financial goals, which why we put people above the bottom line.

We contribute two cents to local charitable organizations with your debit card transactions. By swiping, using your digital wallet, or ordering online, your OlyFed debit card will generate two cents to be donated to a nonprofit in the South Sound!

This charitable gift-giving program is free, year-round and works with any OlyFed debit card that’s tied to an active account. It’s an automatic stream of donations to a local nonprofit simply by using your OlyFed debit card for transactions that you normally make.

Our Two Cent Campaign launched in November of 2018 and has provided more than $70,000 in support to more than 25 local nonprofit organizations whose missions are to improve the quality of life in our area. The benefiting charity changes each month and all you have to do is continue the things you love like shopping, eating out and grabbing a movie with friends.


As a mutual bank, we’re accountable to you, our customers, not corporate shareholders. With our business model, you’re more than a customer, you’re a stakeholder, which means more for your wallet, for your future and for our community.

This translates to many low to no-cost product and service options. It means we’re focused on helping you get ahead with budgets, financial plans and accounts that provide safe, sustainable and meaningful ways to save.

When you bank with us, you can rest assured knowing you’re doing business with a bank that puts our local neighbors first. Each year, we donate anywhere from 10 to 15% of our profits back to the community, which totaled $465,000 in 2020! Furthermore, we foster a culture of volunteerism among our people, who happily contributed more than a thousand hours of service last year.

Quarterly Celebration

If you look up OlyFedder in the urban dictionary you’ll find a description of our extraordinary group of financial professionals who find joy and purpose in the meaningful work we do with our customers and community. We’re here to help you.

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Financial Education Resources

Core to our mission is meeting the financial education needs of our customers and community. Knowing the ins and outs of how best to save, spend, share, borrow and manage your money gives you the tools and resources to ensure your financial health and well-being.

At OlyFed we offer both in-person and virtual assistance and we cover topics from budgeting and managing credit to account security and investing for your future. Our team of knowledgeable and caring bankers are here to help you develop your financial goals, plans and strategies to achieve your dreams and desires for a bright future.

Online Learning Center

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Our Class Offerings Include the Following:

Financial Mastery & Growth

OlyFed’s Community Financial Education program is designed to put you in charge of your money and your future. Our financial education program provides you with a solid foundation of core competencies when it comes to budgeting, managing credit and account security.

We cover topics like the importance of savings, compounding interest, credit scores, shopping for credit and using credit wisely. In today’s digital environment we also discuss account security and how to protect yourself from fraud, identity theft, phising scams and the importance of good password hygiene.

Our team of bankers are here to assist you in developing a personalized financial plan with individualized goals and resources to support your efforts with the objective of helping improve your quality of life and economic well-being.

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Homeownership & Construction

In addition to our financial education offerings, we also provide a community homebuyer class that covers the ins and outs of the home buying process. From determining a budget, understanding the role of credit and how much you’ll need for a down payment to reviewing the different types of mortgage loans and the team of professionals you’ll be working with; we provide you with valuable insight and a complete overview of everything you need to know to get started.

For buyers looking to build a home, we also have a course about construction financing where we bust all the myths associated with the custom construction process. We make sure just as much craftsmanship goes into your loan as your home and we make the steps towards building your dream home simple and easy to understand by giving you the tips, tools and confidence to start the construction process today.

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Online Learning Center

Our online Learning Center provides access to curriculum that offers you practical knowledge, skill building opportunities and resources that help you manage your finances with confidence. These free and interactive financial education modules touch on a wide range of topics to ensure your success.

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