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As a result of a system error, customers have received e-statement notifications regardless of their enrollment status. We’re working to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.

Security Features For Peace of Mind

Digital banking can be a great resource for all your financial needs. However, we rely on you to take further precautions to assure your account’s safety.

Learn what you can do to make the most of your security features and services.

Digital security is the process used to protect your online identity – our digital products contain integrations to help you along the way. From customized security alerts and password protection to electronic statements, we’ve got the tools in place to protect you.

The security of your information is our top priority and, with a few maintenance tips and following some basic procedures on your part, you can be sure that you’re protecting what’s most important to you.

Our Security Statement

Features & Services

Security Alerts

Security alerts are implemented in your accounts to notify you immediately when an alert is triggered.

Secure Messages

Starting a new conversation through digital banking is just as effortless as sending an email. Unlike an email, you can safely include confidential personal information relating to your account.

Secure Delivery

The secure delivery feature uses secure access codes (numbered codes that are sent to you by text, phone call, or email) to verify your identity.

Card Services

The Card Services feature allows you to activate or deactivate your debit cards if your cards have been compromised, stolen or lost.

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 Picture this: the envelope containing your monthly bank statement, sitting outside all day in your non‐locking mailbox. Need we say more? Protect yourself from identity theft, fraud and worse – sign up to receive secure digital records in a single place. This is an easy step to help prevent fraud by safeguarding your private information and assets.

You can access your statements easily online, or retrieve them from email and we store up to 5 years of e-statements for easy access.

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SavvyMoney - Weekly Credit Score Updates

Savvy Money screen that shows credit scoreWith SavvyMoney™ you gain free ongoing credit score reports, monitoring, alerts, personalized offers and expert insight on how to improve and strengthen your credit. Even better, all of this is built right into our digital banking platform.

Digital Banking Resources

We’ve created a few resources so you can enjoy all the conveniences digital banking has to offer.

Also, our Digital Services team is also available to assist you. We’re happy to help!

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