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The Fast & Safe Payment Solution

We’re pleased to introduce our newly designed contactless OlyFed debit cards. With these new cards, you no longer need to swipe or insert your card for transactions. Simply tap your contactless card for a quick, secure and convenient payment experience.

While the new cards are available now, we have limited quantities so they will be rolled out when new accounts are opened or when an existing customer’s card is expired, damaged, lost or stolen.

We hope you enjoy the added simplicity and safety that comes with the new cards. We believe they will make your daily shopping experiences even easier.

Enhanced Card Benefits

Spot the wifi symbol on your debit card? That’s a sign it’s equipped with the latest chip technology for contactless payments. This means you don’t have to insert your card at the checkout anymore—just tap it and you’re good to go, making your shopping trips a breeze. You might know this as tap-to-pay.

It’s not only about speed – it’s also about security. Each tap generates a unique code, securing your transaction and keeping your details safe with top-notch encryption.

You might find tap-to-pay super convenient, but don’t worry, you can still swipe or insert your card if that’s what you prefer. It’s quick, safe, touch-free and works just about everywhere. Give it a try!

How To Use Your Debit Card

  1. Check the payment terminal for the four curved lines that look like a wifi symbol—that’s where you’ll tap.
  2. Tap or hover your card near the symbol.
    Remember, contactless payments work best when the card is within 1-2 inches of the terminal.
  3. Listen for a beep or look for a green light to confirm your payment before putting your card back in your wallet.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your PIN or sign to complete the transaction.

Digital Wallet Ready

Contactless payments are not just limited to debit cards; you can also use smartphones and smartwatches! Thanks to digital wallet technology, you can make secure payments whether you’re shopping in-store, online or through apps—just using your device.

For iPhone and Apple Watch users, there’s Apple Pay. Android users have options too: Google Pay on Google’s Android devices and Samsung Pay on Samsung’s Android devices.

All these options work through each device’s payment app, where you can safely store your card information to enable secure, hassle-free contactless transactions.

Card Control for Added Security

With Card Control you can turn your debit card on or off in an instant for any reason using your mobile phone. This is a great feature to protect you against fraud if your card is lost or stolen.

Even better, you can control where your card is used by location or business type.  In addition, you can set spending limits for general use or by specific merchant types. This is a great feature for life’s adventures like vacation travel or holiday shopping.

Lastly, with Card Control’s real-time alerts, you know when and where your card is being used for an added layer of security and defense.