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OlyFed Loan Officer, Rebecca Bonneville, in front of the James Kelsey sculpture in Belfair, Washington.
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Multiple Loan Options for Funding ADUs

Looking for a great home office, a guesthouse for visitors, an income-producing rental, or a space for multi-generational living?

Our Nonprofit Business Accounts are a Natural Fit

Partnerships based on common good go a long way towards building community

Rebecca Bonneville | Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations to Rebecca Bonneville, Loan Officer in Belfair on being named Employee of the Quarter

COVID-19 Updates

Proactive measures to protect you | Updated: 1/15/21

Banking that's Mutual

To us, you’re more than the balance of your bank account:  Guided by our “Better Fedder” training and a compassionate and caring attitude, we nurture relationships to help you define and achieve your financial goals. Accountable to our depositors and borrowers, not shareholders, we put people above the bottom line.


From checking and savings accounts to home and auto loans, we have the products and know-how to meet your financial needs.

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Small Business

Whether you’re a local titan of commerce or a sole proprietor with a laptop, we’re your trusted small business advisor.

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Commercial Real Estate

Looking to finance a commercial real estate project? We’ve got the knowledge, experience and loans to help.

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Wealth Management

When it comes to a secure financial future, we believe in straightforward, honest and caring strategies and support.

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