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Move Money Where & When You Need It

Whatever time zone you’re banking from, we are always open for business via smartphone or other web-enabled devices. Review balances and transaction histories, transfer funds between accounts, view check images and arrange automatic payments.

Getting Started

To download and install our OlyFed Mobile app, start by opening either the App Store or Google Play depending on your device. Look for the search feature and enter OlyFed Mobile to find our app. Select the app and tap select or install.

Apple Devices

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Android Devices

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Passcode Login

We believe banking should happen when and where you need it. With digital banking you can do it all without doing it in person: pay bills in an instant, organize finances on the fly, apply for loans online, and much more. Before you get started, review system requirements and terms & conditions.

System Requirements Online Access Agreement & Disclosure Terms & Conditions

Popular Features

You can maintain your active lifestyle and bank account with our app. One of the biggest conveniences of mobile banking is to move money, when and where you need it. Our app is equipped with multiple methods of transferring funds.

Enjoying all the digital banking features like Automated Payments, Personal Finance Management and Card Control, but from the convenience of your web-enabled smart device.

Mobile Deposit

With the snap of a photo, your device can act as your own personal bank teller. Our mobile deposit function is compatible with most Android or Apple devices with a working camera.

Text Banking

Transfer Funds

Whether you need to make a one-time transfer or recurring transfer between your accounts, you will always have easy access to your funds.

Bill Pay

Whether you need to pay for your utilities or your favorite streaming services, you can make payments quickly and efficiently through our intuitive bill pay system.

Account Alerts

Account Alerts notify you of changes to your accounts’ balances and are a helpful tool in protecting your accounts from fraud.

SavvyMoney - Weekly Credit Score Updates

Savvy Money screen that shows credit scoreWith SavvyMoney™ you gain free ongoing credit score reports, monitoring, alerts, personalized offers and expert insight on how to improve and strengthen your credit. Even better, all of this is built right into our digital banking platform.

Digital Banking Resources

We’ve created a few resources so you can enjoy all the conveniences digital banking has to offer.

Also, our Digital Services team is also available to assist you. We’re happy to help!

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