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Joanna Jones Honored with Kris Fischer Excellence in Customer Service Award

OlyFed proudly announces Joanna Jones, Payroll & Benefits Administrator, as the latest recipient of the esteemed Kris Fischer Excellence in Customer Service Award.

Woman in parkJoanna Jones has been honored with the Kris Fischer Excellence in Customer Service Award for her dedication to providing exemplary internal and external customer service. This quarterly award is one of the highest accolades given by OlyFed, recognizing individuals who consistently demonstrate superior levels of service excellence.

Joanna goes above and beyond to ensure the welfare of all OlyFed employees. Beyond her essential duties of payroll processing and benefits administration, she actively seeks ways to enhance employee satisfaction and organizational compliance.

Her contributions extend far beyond the confines of her job description. Through meticulous research and strategic negotiations, she has implemented cost-saving measures that have benefited OlyFed in various ways.

Joanna’s proactive approach to employee engagement is exemplary. During the recent open enrollment period, she orchestrated a comprehensive communication strategy, including personalized outreach, informative videos, and interactive Q&A sessions, ensuring that every employee felt empowered and informed.

Additionally, her unwavering dedication to professional development is evident in her pursuit of additional certifications and qualifications. Beyond her remarkable achievements, Joanna consistently exemplifies teamwork and flexibility, readily assisting colleagues and tackling new challenges as they arise. Her willingness to go above and beyond embodies the core values of OlyFed and sets a benchmark for excellence in customer service.

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“Joanna’s exceptional contributions epitomize the spirit of the Kris Fischer Excellence in Customer Service Award,” Josh Deck, President & CEO said. “Her dedication to enhancing the employee experience and driving organizational success is truly commendable.”

Please join us in congratulating Joanna Jones on this well-deserved recognition.