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Deposit Customer ID Updates

Jennifer Arnold, SVP Chief Banking OfficerWhile we’ve known many of you for years on a first-name basis, it’s important that we always maintain the highest security standards and protocols to protect you.

Header that reads, Account Information.In an effort to provide a higher level of customer service and to ensure the protection of your identity and accounts; next time you visit one of our branches and you’re a deposit customer, we’ll likely be checking your photo ID to make sure we have your most current ID scanned and on-file in our systems.

Ensuring our systems have your most current and accurate information helps positively identify you without having to ask for your ID each time you come through our drive-thru. It also aids in safeguarding your money and valuable personally identifiable information. Most importantly, it further cements the trust you’ve placed in us, while allowing us to serve you more efficiently and effectively.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we strive to provide you with the best possible banking experience. We’re grateful to be your bank of choice and financial partner.


Jennifer Arnold
SVP, Chief Banking Officer

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