Your OlyFed

Say Hello to Our New OlyFedders!

This past quarter we were pleased to welcome 11 new OlyFedders to our family of caring bankers. These individuals bring a multitude of talents, skills and tremendous personal values to our team and we’re excited to introduce them to you:

Craig Jetton, Customer Service Representative

Craig Jetton joins our Westside Branch team as a Customer Service Representative (CSR).  A self-professed health nut, Craig’s prior work experience is mostly in the grocery industry. A certified personal trainer, Craig loves to exercise and puts his competitive energy to work playing sports and games with friends. Craig is very creative and in his free time, he also likes to pursue the development of his artistic skills. Join us in welcoming Craig to the OlyFed family!

Molly Verduzco, Customer Service Representative

Molly Verduzco joins our Yelm Highway team as a Customer Service Representative (CSR).  A bookkeeper for 15 years, Molly also has experience working in the investment service industry, which gives her a great background for her new career in banking with OlyFed. Molly loves finance and working with numbers and she really loves helping people with the skills she’s been given.  A fun fact about Molly is that during the summer after she graduated high school, she worked at Alcatraz as a tour guide!  Join us in welcoming Molly to OlyFed!

Keshia Walton, Loan Operations Assistant

Keshia Walton joins our Operations team as a Loan Operations Assistant for accounts control.  Keshia has worked in the financial industry for nine years and has lived in Washington for most of her life. Her family moved to the Sound Sound because of her dad’s military career and when he retired they decided to stay and call the area home. A mom to an awesome 5-year-old daughter, Keshia has fond memories of living in Asia as a child and being introduced to anime and it is something she and her dad still watch together in her free time today. Join us in welcoming Keshia to the OlyFed team!

Benjamin Ybarra, Customer Service Representative

Benjamin Ybarra joins our Downtown Olympia Branch team as a Customer Service Representative (CSR)!  Benjamin has leadership experience working as an assistant manager in the retail industry and in working in customer service for a large tax preparation business. Benjamin fully admits he’s a little bit of a nerd with a fondness for tabletop games and peppermint tea! Please join us in welcoming Benjamin to the OlyFed team!

Michael Roberts, Universal Operations Assistant

Michael Roberts joins our Operations team as a Universal Operations Assistant. Michael joins us with over 10 years of banking experience. He enjoys helping out the community and providing happiness to people he encounters.  Michael loves photography and movies. Please join us in welcoming Michael to OlyFed!

Mandee Taylor, Loan Officer

Mandee Taylor joins our Yelm Highway Branch team as a Loan Officer.  Mandee has 15 years of experience in the financial industry, with seven of those years working with mortgage lending. Her background includes experience in operations, lending and training. Mandee loves nature and finds peace there. Please join us in welcoming Mandee to the OlyFed family!

Megan Dunnington, Universal Banker

Megan Dunnington joins our Yelm Highway branch as a Universal Banker. Megan previously worked with OlyFed in 2012 as a Customer Service Representative at the Yelm Highway branch. Megan lives in Yelm and has three children and three dogs (all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels). Her favorite summer hobbies include camping and swimming with her family. She is thrilled to be returning to OlyFed so please join us in welcoming Megan back to OlyFed!

Mason Pitts, Customer Service Representative

Mason Pitts joins our Tumwater branch team as a Customer Service Representative (CSR).  Mason has many hobbies, some of which include motorcycles, video games, tabletop games, disc golf, and most importantly, music. He is an avid music lover and plays bass. Join us in welcoming Mason to OlyFed!

Benjamin Johnson, Universal Banker  

Ben Johnson will also be joining our Westside Branch team as a Universal Banker. Ben brings with him more than 7 years of experience working in the banking and hospitality industries. Ben enjoys music and spending time with his family. Please join us in welcoming Benjamin to the OlyFed family!

Levonne Loe, Customer Service Representative

Levonne Loe joins our Westside Branch team as a Customer Service Representative (CSR).  Levonne has a variety of professional experience in the healthcare industry working at a family practice clinic as a Receptionist, Patient Services Supervisor and Accounts Receivable. Join us in welcoming Levonne to the OlyFed family!

Gregory Morgan II, Customer Service Representative

Gregory Morgan, who goes by Morgan, joins the Lacey branch team as a Customer Service Representative (CSR).  Morgan brings with him leadership experience from the retail services industry and is studying to become a linguist. Morgan is interested in Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian and hopes someday to help immigrants adjust to their new life in the United States. In his free time, Morgan loves being around music and plays several instruments. Please join us in welcoming Morgan to the OlyFed team!