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Debit Card Holds at the Gas Pump

Front door ofAs gas prices continue to climb so do the hold amounts gas stations will place on your debit card and checking account for the pay-at-the-pump convenience.

Gas merchants, to protect themselves from any potential fraud, put pre-authorization holds into place at the pump. Pre-authorization limits apply to fuel purchases at the pump because the final amount is not known until the customer is finished pumping gas and the merchant wants to ensure the transaction will clear the bank.

While the hold amount can vary depending on the gas station, typically, truck stop gas stations have larger hold amounts in place because large trucks have bigger tanks which result in more sizable gas purchases. As a financial institution we do not determine the hold amounts and we have no control of when the holds will be released. These decisions are all made and determined by the gas stations. Generally speaking the holds will go away within 24 hours once the transaction has cleared. That said, if you purchase gas over the weekend, it might take until early the next week for the hold to go away.

Not all gas stations use these limit and hold methods; however, generally speaking, you can avoid them by going inside to pay at the register or paying with cash. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Operations Department at (360) 754-3400 or