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Chuck Hoeschen Builds Community & Business Legacies at OlyFed

The poet T.S. Eliot once said that “Home is where one starts from.” Whether the house you grew up in, your lovingly chosen current community or your beloved hometown, where we live affects us in countless ways.

Chuck Hoeschen in commercial lending at OlyFed at Heyday Heritage Farm in Olympia WashingtonOlympia native Chuck Hoeschen knows the ins and outs of Olympia because he not only grew up here but chose to raise his children here, surrounded by a raucous extended family and the natural beauty of Puget Sound. As OlyFed’s newest Commercial Loan Officer he loves helping the community, one home or small business at a time.

“It’s been fun to see this area develop over the years,” says Hoeschen, who was born at the iconic Providence St. Peter Hospital. “I love to see things grow and businesses expand.”

At 19, he bought his first piece of property and by age 21, the family home was completed.

Hoeschen says, with a laugh, that he has been in banking forever and has built countless houses throughout Thurston County as something of a hobby. He worked in residential lending initially and then transferred to the commercial side of things. This back‐and‐forth of career and passion carried on from day one and continues today.

And boy, does it help his clients. Having an intermediary who can be an interpreter between bankers and contractors and is familiar with all the nitty‐gritty is a tremendous asset according to Hoeschen. “Both sides really appreciate that I’ve walked a mile in their shoes,” he adds.

Land and home purchases are tremendously stressful. Many individuals feel overwhelmed by the language of building and complicated cost breakdowns. Through building many properties and with experience as a banking construction manager, Hoeschen is able to explain the process and what issues can—and often do—arise along the way.

Despite working in banking since the early 1990s, Hoeschen only started as a commercial loan officer with OlyFed in late 2020. He explains that their commercial lending side opened just five years ago and is now truly ready to expand and grow.

“OlyFed is a strong lender in our community,” says Hoeschen. “We have the strength to handle larger commercial projects and a passion to grow the business. I have a real heart for construction and development, creating value and making something from nothing. It’s a perfect fit.”

Another perfect fit is the serendipity of working there altogether. A long‐time customer of the bank himself, Hoeschen ran into a former co‐worker and current OlyFed employee while going through the drive‐through. She mentioned that their commercial division was looking to hire, and the rest is history. “I’ve gotten construction loans from them and they’re well‐known in the community as a great avenue for home loans,” he recalls. Now he’s a skilled fresh face on their commercial team.

When not working or indulging in his real estate and land development hobbies, Hoeschen enjoys spending time with family. A father of six, they beachcomb the shores near a local cabin on Puget Sound or load up in what he calls the ice cream cars; convertibles used for fun outings as the weather permits.

Chuck Hoeschen in commercial lending at OlyFed at Heyday Heritage Farm in Olympia Washington

Unlike many folks, since COVID‐19, he spends most of his time in the nearly empty office. With his wife working and children learning from home, it allows him to focus on client needs. Nevertheless, wherever the day finds him, Hoeschen and the rest of the commercial real estate team are always ready to help with purchase, refinance, equity loans, lines of credit or loans for commercial construction and remodeling.

You’ve probably walked or driven by some of their landmark projects. OlyFed’s team helped with such notable buildings as The Park Side Cafe on Olympia’s west side, Merritt Manor and Kluh Jewelers’ new showroom on Sleater‐Kinney Road in Lacey.

Plaques and throw‐pillows galore remind us that home is where the heart is. For OlyFed’s Chuck Hoeschen, his heart is in homes and commercial buildings across Thurston County and shown daily as he works with the individuals, families and business owners who make our region all that it is.

If you or someone you know is looking to build, expand or grow, give OlyFed a call at 360-754-3400 or send a message to Hoeschen directly. He’s always happy to chat and thanks to years of experience in both construction and banking, makes the process transparent and understandable.