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For over a century, we have diligently worked to help our community achieve homeownership. Whether you just started thinking about homeownership, you’re currently house-hunting, you’ve owned a home for years or you’re looking for local information, our highly skilled, non-commissioned loan team is here to focus on your goals.

Isabella Marocco

Lacey Loan Officer
NMLS #2042172

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Meet Isabella: Fun Facts Q&A
  • What are your must haves on a road trip? My husband says I’m the worst road trip companion, as I fall asleep almost immediately. So for me, a neck pillow is an essential road trip item and a snack for the rare moments I am awake in the car! 
  • Whom do you admire most? Funny, resilient and kind, my grandma is by far my favorite person and constant inspiration.  
  • What makes you laugh? Most of the time I find myself laughing at my own jokes.   
  • What do you find rewarding about your job? I love educating borrowers, guiding them through stressful situations and being the person in their corner.  
  • What has brought you joy recently? Seeing my dog’s face when I walk through the front door, his tail tells me the joy I feel is mutual.

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Get the ball rolling and get pre-qualified before you shop so you have a good idea of the budget that will work for you.

Home Loan

Go tried and true with classic 10, 15, 20 and 30-year terms and up to 97% financing.


Jumbo Loan

You need $825,000 or more? We got this!


Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Exercise your equity for home improvements, debt consolidation, education and other uses.

Home Equity Loan Program (HELP)

Working with a licensed contractor? You can leverage the value you already have!

Refinance Loan

Getting a new mortgage to replace your current one may be the right solution.


Purchase Remodel Loan

Like a Conventional loan, minus the red tape of a government rehab loan.


First-Time Buyer Loan

Discounted rates and fees are our housewarming gift to you.


Affordable Loan Program

To help eliminate the barriers to homeownership we provide flexibility and choices.


Construction Loan

With an eye for detail, we design our construction loans to meet your financial needs.


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Developed Lot Loan

Buy now and build later. By choosing OlyFed, you’ll be eligible for 1/2% off your permanent construction loan fee when you build.


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Green Choice Loan

Build, buy or retrofit for energy efficiency with our energy-efficient mortgage.

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Helpful Information

From the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to making home ownership attainable and affordable, which is why we remain a portfolio lender that doesn’t sell its loans on the secondary market.  To us, that would be like selling the relationships that we’ve built with our customers and our community. We make loans by investing your deposits in local housing, which helps build economic prosperity right here in Thurston and Mason counties, while also building and contributing to the local tax base which supports our schools, parks and social services infrastructure.

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The Neighbor2Neighbor Fund was established to support the spectrum of affordable housing needs in our community. Every time we close on a new mortgage or construction loan, we donate to three local housing organizations providing emergency shelter, affordable rental homes and homeownership opportunities for low-income individuals and families.

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