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Diane Leslie Celebrates Five Year Anniversary with OlyFed

Congratulations to Diane Leslie, Universal Operations Assistant, on her five-year anniversary!

Women wearing OlyFed vest.Diane began her OlyFed career as an Operations Assistant in January 2019 before changing to her current role as Universal Operations Assistant in September 2020. She joined the OlyFed team with many years of experience in the financial services industry, bringing immense knowledge to the team.

Honored with several internal corporate value awards that recognize her commitment to lifelong learning and her investment in strong relationships, Diane does an amazing job of supporting her colleagues, our customers and community members.

“Diane is a wealth of knowledge and is always working to learn, grow and better her team,” Josh Deck, President & CEO said. “She is such a valuable member of the OlyFed family, and we are so grateful for all her extra efforts.”

When she’s not working, Diane loves to travel and spend time outdoors. She loves being on the water, sailing or kayaking and moved to Washington for the proximity to some of her favorite pastimes such as skiing and hiking. A fun fact about Diane is she is originally from Minnesota, where she still returns to enjoy the Minnesota State Fair – one the largest and most popular in the country!

Woman on dock at Olympia Yacht Club

Please join us in thanking Diane for her five years of service to OlyFed.