Your OlyFed

Banking that’s Digital

Welcome to the new digital home for OlyFed.

We’ve spent the last year designing this new responsive website to ensure the optimal customer experience. This new site will automatically adjust based on the device you’re using (smartphone, tablet or desktop computer). This completely remodeled digital storefront features a fresh new look and feel to better reflect OlyFed’s brand, personality and values.

The site has a more intuitive menu and navigation system to make it easier for you to find product and service information. It is our goal to create a site that is reflective of the same customer experience you’d find in any of our eight local branches. This warm, friendly and clean design highlight’s our mutual structure and our customer and community first priorities.

As a mutual bank, we’re held accountable to you, our depositors and borrowers, not corporate shareholders. Mutual means the relationships we build are two‐way and they are grounded in trust and respect. This business model makes our work so rewarding and reminds me of a quote from author Lynne Twist who shares “Money carries our intention. If we use it with integrity, then it carries our integrity forward.” I can’t think for a better description of our mission and values in action.

Banking that’s mutual is banking that’s local, convenient and caring. This is why we’re a portfolio lender and don’t sell our loans because that would be like selling our relationship with you. This is also why we invest deposits right here in our community to help fund small business loans and new mortgages and why we dedicate so much of our profits to support local nonprofits. All of these core activities build our local economy and enrich the place we call home.

Our focus has been and always will be on banking that’s above the bottom line. It’s about putting you in the best financial position to achieve your greatest pursuits. Our hope is this new website helps further that mission.


Lori Drummond, President & CEO