Rates accurate as of May 26, 2023
Type of Loan Interest Rate Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Loan Fee
Developed Lot
Developed Lot 9.000% 9.815% 2%

5-year balloon / 25-year amortization. Loan amount 75% of lot sale price.


Calculations based on $100,000.00 5-year balloon loan (25 year amortization) with 25% down payment (purchase). Payment calculations are principal and interest only and do not include taxes or insurance which may increase your monthly payment.

5-Year Balloon / 25 Year Amortization Loan: Interest rate 9.000%, Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 9.815%, 59 monthly payments of $839.20 each, 1 balloon payment of $94,111.36 total interest paid $43,999.16.

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Equal Housing Lender