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The OFS Financial Services Planning Process

At OFS Financial Services we provide sound financial planning direction to ensure your resources work for you, instead of the other way around. We strive to provide financial analysis and fresh investor insights to make your money and legacy have a lasting impact. We meet regularly with our clients to ensure they have a better understanding of current market conditions; strategies to build their savings; and distribution plans to optimize their portfolio. We’ve developed a six-step financial planning process to ensure we help you achieve your greatest pursuits:

1. Establish Core Values and Financial Goals

This provides our clients with the opportunity to express their concerns, hopes and goals for their future. We work toward establishing goals that are specific and quantifiable so that we can measure progress and better prioritize competing goals.

2. Gather Financial Information

We work with our clients to gather all relevant information, both objective and subjective, through counseling and examination of documents.

3. Analyze Information and Create Financial Plan

We identify the strengths and opportunities of each client’s present financial condition. We then determine how those financial conditions may influence the client’s ability to achieve their goals. In some cases this provides helpful information in revising the client’s goals.

4. Present Financial Plan and Advise on Investment & Tax Strategies

We design a set of recommended strategies tailored to the client’s circumstances and goals, including alternative ways of achieving those goals. In some cases, with the client’s approval, we’ll draw on outside experts as needed.

5. Implement Financial Planning Strategies

We connect our clients with the necessary products and services to put their plan into action. We’re with them every step of the way to help motivate and provide outside professional support when needed.

6. Review Progress

We work directly with our clients to evaluate the performance of all their investment vehicles. We regularly review any changes in our client’s life circumstances and the financial environment of the markets and economy to make any needed adjustments.

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