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Many Ways to Say: Welcome Home

We take a mi casa es su casa approach to home loans: the advantages we’d want for ourselves, we offer to you:

  • What starts at OlyFed stays at OlyFed: We don’t sell our loans to third parties – that’d be like selling our relationship with you! We assure top-quality service by providing it ourselves.
  • Everyone gets the same great rate – No risk-based pricing with our home loans, you’ll get our advertised rate regardless of credit score.
  • People, not computer apps, decide – We click “delete” on automated underwriting with home loans. We believe actual humans make better lending choices.
  • You’ll always get the best deal before closing – We hold your rate at application, but if a better number comes along, no worries; it’s yours.

Once you’ve started your loan process, you can log-in to your personal portal to check your loan status, securely upload documents, and get reminders on what to do next.

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So Many Great Loan Options

Remember when lending was a simple process? Ours still is.

Speak to a Loan Officer

Our caring and knowledgeable team has the tools, strategies, and resources to help you accomplish your goals. If you’d like to start by speaking with a real person, we like your style!

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Home Loan

Go tried and true with classic 10, 15, 20 and 30 year terms and up to 97% financing.

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Refinance Loan

Getting a new mortgage to replace your current one may be the right solution.

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Purchase Remodel Loan

Like a Conventional loan, minus the red tape of a government rehab loan.

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First-Time Buyer Program

Discounted rates and fees are our housewarming gift to you.

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Construction Loan

Not only do we roll construction costs and permanent financing into one convenient package, we also close up-front on permanent financing, hold your interest rate at application (if the rate goes down prior to closing, you receive the lower rate), accept ‘interest only’ payments as funds are used during the construction period and have no prepayment penalties. We also provide an automated project management system.

Customized Construction Plans

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Affordable Loan Program

Yes, you can live the dream. To help eliminate the barriers to homeownership, we’ve created a special loan program for potential borrowers with earnings at 80% or less of the median income levels in Thurston and Mason counties. To provide flexibility and choices, we offer a purchase, refinance and construction options.

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Green Choice Loan

Build, buy or retrofit for energy efficiency and help protect the planet.

Our Energy efficient mortgage provides three distinct advantages when buying green:

1.) Provides More Borrowing Power: We consider your future energy savings to qualify you for greater buying potential. Using the Home Energy Rating System (HERS)* report to determine your eligibility, this realized value is available to those with a rating of 55 or lower.

2.) Lends Up to 85% Without Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI): Applies to loans $724,999 and below.

3.) Qualifies for a Reduction in Loan Fees: 0.50% off loan origination fee**.

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*HERS efficiency is measured in a range from 0 to 150; 0 being the most efficient. The HERS rating is a  result of a Residential Energy Analysis (REA) report.  Need help  in getting a REA Report? Contact us and we’ll connect you with a Loan Officer that will be happy to assist you. 

**0.50% off loan fee for loans $724,999 and below. 

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Jumbo Loan

You need $725,000 or more? We got this!

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Developed Lot Loan

Buy the property now, build when you’re ready. Enjoy minimal closing costs and future construction loan fee discounts. By choosing us, you’ll be eligible for 1/2% off your permanent construction loan fee when you decide to build your home.

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