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The Best is Yet to Be

Thank you for your interest in this special offer to receive “The Best is Yet to Be,” the newest book from local author and OlyFed board member, Mary Gentry.

Mary’s first two books, “Too Far from the Tree” and “Quite Contrary,” tell personal stories of life that ring true for all of us. Parenting – both being and having parents – education, career, chores and children. Walking dogs, cleaning the house and family heirlooms all jostle for center stage along the way.

“The Best is Yet to Be” focuses on life’s many changes. Our struggles and joys of aging, conversations with loved ones, the legacy we leave behind and hopes for the future. “My essays have universality,” says Mary. “Shared experiences bring us together and I hope their appeal is far-reaching.”

Please complete the short form below and we will send you a copy of her new book.

Book laying on seat of chair

Mary’s books feature cover art by local artist and long-time friend, Mimi Williams.

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