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We Have a Long History Together 

Remember what banking was like before OlyFed? That’s OK, no one does. Nearly 115 years ago – before Oklahoma achieved statehood and when Mark Twain was still a living author – we were already writing mortgages for your great-great-grandparents and offering them safe, secure rates of return on deposit.

A lot has changed in five generations … but all the important qualities remain as fresh and enduring as ever. Let’s take a trip back in time:

OlyFed Today 

Our commitment to excellence in all we do has remained a constant for us throughout the years and it has not gone unnoticed by others. For 124 straight quarters we’ve earned a 5-star “superior” rating from Bauer Financial. Only 1% of the nation’s banks have earned Bauer’s top rating for so long and with such consistency. That financial strength is reflected in our more than $675 million in assets and in the character of our 120 employees.