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What it means to be an OlyFedder

Imagine a workplace where everyone is thrilled to be there … where a smile and a thumbs-up is a standard greeting … and the most-often-heard words are: “Thank you!” In fact, it doesn’t matter which side of the counter you’re on: if you’re here, you’re one of us – an OlyFedder. Welcome to OlyFed – a culture that’s all about giving.

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Our Commitment to Equity

Practicing Equity in the South Sound

We believe our neighbors and communities should have equitable access to opportunities that allow them to flourish in all their life endeavors. As a result, when diversity, equity and inclusion are addressed, we will be stronger economically, healthier physically and mentally, and better prepared to meet the challenges we face. We are here to support this mission.

Our DEI Commitment

Banking that's Mutual

Giving is What a Mutual Bank is About
It’s deeper than culture: financial integrity and doing good works have been written into our DNA since 1906. It’s really pretty easy to be an OlyFedder: stay tight with smart financial practices, always be kind and helpful to everybody, and who knows what great rewards the future will give?

As a mutual savings bank, OlyFed is beholden only to depositors and borrowers, not corporate shareholders. The OlyFedder’s guiding principle is The Golden Rule.

Community Involvement

Giving is in Our DNA
Giving back to our community – both as an institution and as individuals. You’ve probably heard how OlyFed contributes 10% of its profits to support hundreds of local charities and organizations. But did you know that OlyFedders are equally invested as private citizens volunteering for just about every civic event and fundraising drive.

You’re an OlyFedder when you value your community enough to give a piece of yourself to sustain and protect it. OlyFedders choose what’s real and enduring, not fads or flash. But most important, OlyFedders are all about caring and compassion: always looking for ways to say: “yes, we can help.”

Employment Incentives

OlyFed Senior Vice President, Aaron Myers, sitting in a local coffee shop, in downtown Olympia, Washington.

Your Next and Best Career Move
The only thing more rewarding than being an OlyFedder who banks here … is being an OlyFedder who works here! We’ve got a strong track record of satisfaction by employees and customers alike. We’ve been repeatedly named a Top 100 Place to Work in Washington state and promote work-life balance, value authenticity, celebrate diversity and support our community.

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Community Giving

Here for You, Here for Good
We love collaborating with and supporting our community. If you are a nonprofit, professional association or service organization looking for financial or volunteer support from OlyFed, please complete our Contribution Request Form. If you have questions or need more information, please email Contact Us.

Our People

Putting People First 
Giving our people opportunity and encouragement to rise as high as their talents and initiative will take them. No one exemplifies this more than our own Board Member, Lori Drummond, who joined OlyFed in 1984 as a receptionist and later advanced to CEO. No wonder Seattle Business magazine and other publications consistently list OlyFed among the area’s best places to work.