Glass Art Wall, Daniel J Evans Library, Evergreen State College

Glass Art Wall, Daniel J Evans Library, Evergreen State College.

Community - Here for You, Here for Good

We believe in preserving, protecting and enhancing our community by putting our resources to work in order to improve the quality-of-life for all people who call Thurston and Mason counties home. We believe home is where the heart is because it’s where we raise our families, create memories with neighbors, and share special occasions with loved ones.

This is why each year Oly Fed dedicates at least 5% of its revenues to vital philanthropic organizations based on the need in our community. In the past 6 to 7 years we have consistently given between 10 to 15% of our total profits to local nonprofit organizations in the South Sound. 

Oly Fed is truly a great combination of community passion and local banking at its best! 

Giving Back

At the heart of what we do is helping to strengthen our communities through the generous contributions of both our financial resources and employee time and talents. If you are interested in receiving support from Oly Fed, please contact us at one of our eight branch locations. Organizations seeking first-time support from Oly Fed are asked to either complete our online Contribution Request Form or download our Contribution Request Document and bring it to a branch near you. To check out Oly Fed's latest adventures helping out our wonderful community be sure to visit our Facebook page.

December 2018

17 - EDC Women's Entrepreneur Seminar (Yelm)

January 2019

10 - Timberland Library Home Buyer Education Class

19 - Martin Luther King Jr. Event