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Ladder CD

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Optimize Your CD investments with a Laddering Strategy

Olympia Federal Savings offers excellent CD investment options you can optimize through laddering, delivering the results you expect. Certificates of Deposit, more commonly referred to as CDs, are a way to save money, like a savings account, but usually with a slightly higher interest rate. But unlike a savings account, CDs are a time deposit. This means you can't just withdraw your funds on demand. It's possible, but a penalty may apply.

One strategy to help CDs work for you and your savings plan is to build a CD ladder by opening a series of CDs that mature at different, sequential dates in the future – like 18 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 months and 60 months.

As one CD matures, you can either use that money if you need it or just open a new CD for the next rung on your ladder. This strategy may help you earn more interest than a standard savings account, while providing access to your funds as the CDs mature.

Your local OlyFed personal banker will help you reach your savings goals through this safe and predictable CD program. Be sure to ask us about our relationship pricing and how your OlyFed deposits build a vibrant community.


To open your OlyFed account, call us at 360-754-3400 or 1-800-865-3470, send us an email: Email Customer Service or visit any of our branch locations and elevate your assets in a secure, timed savings program..

All certificates have fixed rate for term. 12 Month CD has 1.50% interest rate and 1.51% Annual Percentage Yield (APY). 18 Month CD has 1.75% interest rate and 1.76% APY. 24 Month CD has 2.00% interest rate and 2.02% APY. The APY is accurate as of 4/11/19 and is subject to change without notice. APY assumes interest earned remains on deposit until maturity. Fees may reduce earnings. Minimum balance required to obtain the stated APY is $100. Early withdrawal penalty may apply. Terms and conditions apply. See Truth in Savings disclosure for details.