Our LEED Gold Certified Belfair Branch, built in 2010

Our LEED Gold Certified Belfair Branch, built in 2010.

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Employee of the Quarter - Kara Mayo

Olympia Federal Savings is pleased to announce Kara Mayo, Savings Counselor at our Hawks Prairie branch, as Employee of the Quarter.

Kara’s nomination and selection for this award is the result of her exceptional customer service and banking expertise. Kara is an optimistic, upbeat person who brings positive energy to those around her and without fail she always ends up bringing a smile and laughter to all of the customers who visit the branch. In fact, her colleagues say “I look forward to going to work each day because Kara brings so much fun and joy to the workplace.”

Another team member noted how many customers walk in the door and immediately head to Kara’s desk because she has developed such a trusting and valued relationship with them. Her knowledge of Oly Fed’s products and services combined with her personal connections in knowing and understanding each customer’s unique needs have allowed her to play a meaningful role in their lives.

One colleague noted, “We have a lot of customers who have ailing parents or are ailing themselves and they want to work with Kara to handle their affairs because she has earned their highest level of respect and confidence.”

Please join us in congratulating Kara on this well-deserved honor and recognition.