The Mima Mounds, southwestern Olympia

The Mima Mounds, southwestern Olympia.

Additional Services - To meet all of your financial needs

Personal Checking Additional ServicesIn our efforts to serve you, we provide a lot more
than accounts and loans. Select from the menus above
and below for more information about the many
financial services and tools that help make your banking experience with Oly Fed great!

Order Checks - Quick & Easy!

Re-ordering checks is a breeze at Oly Fed!  Enjoy multiple options for re-ordering checks, deposit slips and accessories:

Deluxe Order Checks

To reorder personal checks:

  • Log in to
  • Mouse over Accounts Tab
  • Navigate to a Checking, Savings or Money Market Account
  • Select Re-Order Checks from menu at right
  • Happy Shopping!

Stop Payments - Help Guard Against Theft

Stop Payments

To place a stop payment on a check or an ACH debit transaction, call or visit your local branch. You can also initiate stop payments through online banking.

If your checks are lost or stolen, you can quickly issue a stop payment for any check(s) that have not yet cleared. Visit the Fees Page for a list of any current applicable fees.


Visa Debit Card - Convenient & Secure

Visa Debit CardVisa Debit cards are available to qualified customers with a Checking or Money Market Account.  These cards are available
for use almost anywhere VISA is accepted and at thousands of
ATMs and Point of Sale (POS) Terminals worldwide.
Your signature may be required for purchases. The purchase amount is deducted from your account and will appear on your monthly statement. You can also make withdrawals, deposits (where available) or transfer funds at any terminal that displays the ACCEL, Plus or VISA Logos.  There is no charge from Olympia Federal for using a DEBIT Card at ATMs

When using an ATM at a location other than Oly Fed's, watch for the MoneyPass logo to avoid a service charge from another bank.

 Wire Transfer - A Fast, Cost Effective Method

Wire TransferMove funds quickly and securely from one bank to another. Wired funds are typically in your account and available the same day if both parties are located in the U.S. International wires may take longer. Please contact us for assistance or more information.

Incoming Wire Instructions:

Customer Name & Account #:  Olympia Federal Savings Customer Name and Acct # 
Receiving Bank Name:  Olympia Federal Savings and Loan 
Receiving Bank Address: 421 Capitol Way South, Olympia, WA 98501 
Receiving ABA/Routing #:  325170822 

Outgoing Wires (Sent by Olympia Federal):

Contact the receiving institution to obtain their wire instructions for Olympia Federal to follow.


Phone Banking - With the OlyFed Line

Phone BankingUsing a touch-tone phone, you have 24-hour access to your account information and activity via our Voice Response System using a personal I.D. number. Account inquiries, monetary transfers and more features are available.  During business hours, you can also reach a Customer Service Representative for any questions.

OlyFed Line: (360) 754-9440 or 1-888-684-1200

Transaction ATM Card - All the Access You Need

Transaction ATM CardATM cards are available to qualified customers with a regular Statement Savings, Checking, or Money Market Account. These cards allows access to funds at any of our 7 ATMs, and at any ATM that displays the ACCEL or Plus logo in the United States and Canada. There is no charge from Olympia Federal for using a Transaction (ATM) Card at ATMs.  Point of Sale (POS) Transactions can be processed at any merchants that display the Interlink logo.

When using an ATM at a location other than Oly Fed's watch for the MoneyPass logo to avoid a service charge from another bank.

Overdraft Protection - We've Got You Covered

Overdraft ProtectionThis service is available to customers to help cover checks or electronic funds transfers that may clear against an insufficient balance in their checking account. The service directly ties a checking account to a savings or second checking account.

Automatic Transfers - Simple and Convenient

Automatic TransfersOur automatic loan payment and savings system is a pre-authorized system where you can request that payments be automatically withdrawn from your account on a regular basis to be paid to your mortgage or savings loan.

More Oly Fed Services

Association (Bank) Checks Association (Bank Checks)

A safe way for you to take or send large sums of money.
There is no dollar limit on these checks.

Cash Advances Cash Advances

A cash advance is a request to receive funds via your VISA, Master Card, or Discover Card. We process cash advances for both customers and non-customers. There is no fee for this service.

Direct Deposit Direct Deposit

A preauthorized system allowing checks to be deposited automatically to your checking or savings account. The check may be from the government, employers or from another institution.

Money Orders Money Orders

A money order is a safe way for you to pay for things when cash is not accepted for a purchase.  They can be cashed and deposited as a check, and, money order's can make the payment process safer and more secure.

Night Depository Night Depository

Each branch has a night depository that is available for your use. The night depository allows you to make deposits after-hours that will be credited to your account on the following business day. Receipts are mailed for every deposit made through the depository.

Notary Notary

This service is provided free of charge to our customers. Notarization is a written statement, or certification, in which the notary public has positively identified the party or parties who signed the document. You can have anything notarized requiring a certified signature except for wills.

Redemption of Bonds and Coupons Redemption of Bonds and Coupons

Please contact us for simple and straighforward instructions on redeeming bonds and coupons.

Safe-Deposit Boxes Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer safe-deposit boxes to our customers. The boxes are located in every branch. Sizes and availability may vary from branch to branch. Customers are billed yearly for their rental.

Save By Mail Save-By-Mail

We provide you a postage-paid envelope that has a perforated form you can use as a deposit or withdrawal slip. Whenever we receive a transaction through Save-By-Mail, we send you a receipt along with a new envelope for your use.

Signature Guarantee Signature Guarantee

Olympia Federal Branch Managers are authorized to provide signature guarantees to customers for the transferring of securities, stocks and bonds. Documentation of ownership and values is required.

Telephone Transfer Telephone Transfer

This optional service is available to our customers, who have a Statement Savings account, Checking account, or Money Market account. The service is free and enables you to transfer funds from your checking account to your savings account, or vice versa.

Traveler’s Cheques Travelers Cheques

Our customers get their American Express Travelers Cheques fee-free! Cheques come in denominations of $20, $50, and $100. They allow you to carry money without fear of loss or robbery because American Express guarantees replacement of the checks at no charge.